Spoiler Alert Mobile App for iPhone

For all of us who live busy lives and struggle to watch our favorite sport teams or our favorite TV shows in live time, we know how hard it is to not have the result ruined by one of our friends or family members. Now there is a way to stay fully connected to your family, friends and social media without having your recorded show ruined. Spoiler Alert App is going to change the way people connect their social media and messaging with their TV watching. The first ever app to allow the user the ability to filter their social media and messaging feeds from posts that may ruin shows or sporting events they have not watched yet. An example of use: if I have the Canucks game recorded and my friend tweets the score, that tweet will be blocked from my viewing. As TV watching becomes more on-demand and recorded, people will not be watching TV shows and sporting events at the same time. Even though people are not watching TV at the same time, we are on social media and messaging platforms at the same time. This leads to people having to avoid their social media and messages, and in turn avoiding their phones and tablets. The fact that people have to avoid their ‘’beloved” phones and tablets is a problem, a problem that Spoiler Alert App has solved.

With the use of one app you can check all your messages and feeds but you are protected by the Spoiler Alert App filter. The app will work with the following sources:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Google Plus
  4. Emails
  5. Text Messages

The user will simply choose his or her show or sporting event from a list of shows, the user will have the choice of how far ahead or behind they want to set the filter based on date. The filter will work by breaking messages down to the smallest group of words that can hold a simple idea based on accepted modern linguistics’ definitions of a minimum sentence syntax structure that includes a noun and verb using social media language constructs. A dictionary of scored words based on a value system of 1, 2 or 3 will be auto created for each sports team event and favourite TV show. The dictionary word score will be applied sequentially using a custom algorithm, to every received message for all activated message sources. A message that has a value of greater than four will be filtered and blocked. Once the user watches their show they can de-select it and any messages that were filtered will be fully visible.

Log in screen

My Social Media Timeline

Alert message

Left panel screen

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