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With more than 1 million Android devices being activated daily, the Android platform is currently the most widely used platform in the mobile market.

Our experienced team of Android Mobile Application Developers can build you a Mobile App for Android phones and Android tablets that can integrate:

  • Location services
  • In-App purchases
  • Social Networks integration
  • Photo management
  • Secure communication
  • Multimedia


The iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch are three Apple devices that pioneered mobile development. The highly innovative devices of Apple iOS are widely used all over the world.

At Earthlandia Technology, we build quality iPhone and iPad applications with the latest technologies. Our deep expertise in iPhone Development has enabled us to build in-house capabilities in developing iPhone applications best suited to your business needs. Our applications can integrate:

  • Location services
  • In-App purchases
  • Social Networks integration
  • Photo management
  • Secure communication
  • Multimedia

Windows Phone

Microsoft is growing strong on originality and its mobile market presence with the release of Windows Phone and Surface.

Our Mobile Apps Development team is ready to use all our knowledge and experience to mobilize your business, whether you want to maintain your current client base, penetrate the new market or both, in order to make you stand out.


PhoneGap is an explosive new framework that allows for rapid, cross-platform mobile application development on Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Blackberry devices and more. PhoneGap is used to build professional-grade apps and permits the use of HTML5, CSS and Javascript technologies in the mobile app development space. PhoneGap is a reliable and stable platform owned and maintained by Adobe. Thousands of apps built with PhoneGap are currently available on Mobile Apps Stores.

Mobile Apps built with PhoneGap are cost-effective by allowing one application to run on all major mobile platforms reducing development time. PhoneGap is a very powerful framework because it integrates with the Android, iPhone, Windows Phone or Blackberry device’s native functionalities such as:

Do you need a Mobile App?

By 2013, more people will use their mobile phones than PCs to get online. By 2015, there will be one mobile device for every person on earth" – Google

According to Google, mobile web searches are the fastest growing sector of the internet. 1 in 3 searches made on smartphones are for local businesses and that business could be yours. This means if you don't have a mobile website you could be missing out.

Mobile applications have become a common space for consumers. Take a look at the must-have features we can design to help you deliver more value to customers in your specific industry. We integrate our tech expertise with trends in each vertical niche market such as hotels, restaurants, magazines and retailers to build the right application for you.


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Do not let your business miss out on potential traffic and sales. Enhance your customers' experience by letting us analyze your business needs to build a mobile friendly website offering your audience the utmost convenience with your success in mind. Contact us today to find out how we can help your business and work with you to optimize your company website for mobile viewing.

Mobile Apps Marketing

Pre-Launch Setup


Amplify Web Visibility


Building Monthly Organic Hype

Is this you:
  • I'm finishing an amazing app but do not know how to prepare it to the launch
  • I would like a focused market strategy but have no expertise in marketing
  • I recently launched my app but have no users and poor visibility in the App Store
Is this you:
  • I lack online presence for my app and have poor search engine results
  • I need a Social Media presence and PR campaign but do not know where to begin
  • I have no reviews for my app and it is hurting my App Store ranking
Is this you:
  • I need help creating and running an effective Social Media campaign
  • My user retention is low and I do not know how to analyze and adjust to user activity
  • I need to run long term PR campaigns but do not have experience in PR

Mobile Web Development Made Easy

Earthlandia Technology's vision is to take the time to get to know your business inside out to ensure your business needs are met. We pride ourselves in delivering high quality business solutions that begin from our initial mobile development consultation right through to the post-app or website launch.

Initial Consultation

We want to gain a deep understanding of your business needs as well as discuss your mobile web or application ideas. The high level discussion will comprise of getting to know your business goals and how we can help to create an extraordinary mobile application geared towards those goals.

Requirements Meeting

In this second meeting we will discuss in more depth about the app development project. We want to ensure there is a mutual understanding of all the requirements needed for this project, identify all the features wanted and present any additional ideas that our experienced and creative team has come up with in one easy-to-understand document.


We will present you with a formal proposal document outlining the scope of the project to certify all the requirements we previously discussed are captured. We will provide you with the timeline of the development from start to finish and the budget required to complete the project.


Once the proposal is approved, we will immediately begin turning the strategic concept into reality. Our team will continuously communicate the status of the project to you to ensure your application is going in the right direction. Regular and timely feedback is provided at every step of the development process.

Ongoing Support

We guarantee ongoing support even after the development is completed. We are available to host and enhance your application if it requires future upgrades.
Geo Time Tracker
Geo Time Tracker
Kindlies Wallpapers App for Android
My Data Manager
Photobay albums
Kindlies Web Albums
HangMessage website

Become a partner. We love working with talented people whether you are an advertising agency, marketing company, graphic designer, web designer, video producer or anyone who would have clients that need mobile application development services. Our partner programs are designed so that you can get involved as little or as much as you want yet still reap great benefits every step of the way. Call us at 604.568.0025 or email us today if you are interested in setting up a quick meeting to discuss more about any of our partnership/collaboration opportunities below.


It’s simple. When we get business and they drop your name we will send you a cheque just for your recommendation! Instead of sending away clients or prospects because you don’t offer mobile app development services, why not refer Earthlandia Technology to them and get paid a commission that can be as much as 10%. You earn money on the work that we do.


We Work For You

Is your mobile app development team overwhelmed with projects and need extra help? Or do you have a client that requires a mobile application and you don’t offer those services but need an outside team to complete the assignment that you will receive credit for? We are more than happy to work with you as your back office team and offer you excellent mobile app development services.



Do you need an extra creative brain in a current or upcoming project? Do you want to split the tasks where we handle the mobile application development side and you manage the other? We are open to teaming up on different projects and discussing collaboration opportunities. We can work together to make clients happy and most importantly successful! Contact us today to meet and discuss the many possibilities.

Earthlandia Technology Inc. is a team of highly trained and experienced mobile app and website developers, project managers and marketing experts with a love for mobile technology. The creative and technical capability team has a combined over 40 years of software engineering and successful international software product development. Feel free to contact us whether you want to discuss your mobile initiative or get a quote. Let's get started on your next great idea. We are always delighted to help.
Geoff Cohen
Geoff co-founded Earthlandia with Sergey and is the ancient one of the team with more than 27 years of varied computer industry experiences. Geoff looks after Earthlandia's finances and strategic planning. He also takes care of business relationships contracting and liaison. His vision and commitment is to brand each customer interaction with a sense clarity and excellence. In his spare time he organises English Corner classes and socials for new immigrants looking to find friends and understand the new culture in which they are immersed.
Olga Kargopolova
Marketing Manager
With Bachelor in Marketing Olga has over 7 years of experience in marketing communications, market strategy, and project management across a wide variety of industries. As an Account Manager at international advertising and marketing agencies as McCann Erickson and Progression CA she has been connecting people with products and services of such global companies as Colgate, BAT, JTI, Lufthansa and Carlsberg Group. On the board of Earthlandia Technology Inc. Olga applies her knowledge and skills of managing global accounts into social media marketing. Outside of work, she enjoys photography and outdoor activities, and is an avid humanist.
Creative Designer
Max attended the British Higher School of Art and Design where he was trained to the highest international standards prepping designers to compete on the global art and design market which was exactly what he did. Max entered and was shortlisted for the highly regarded D&AD award in London. He produces designs that not only captures his client's messages but does so in an artistic and logical manner that can be witnessed from the conceptualization to the completion of any project. Max utilizes his commercially savvy techniques and creativity to visually represent a company's identity with high visual impact.
Brandon Kief
Mobile Apps Developer
Brandon is our resident Android programmer. Having graduated from the University of British Columbia with a degree in computer science, Brandon is more than capable of coding, testing and debugging complex applications for a variety of Android devices. His passion lies within mobile device technologies. His commitment to ensure every application runs smoothly can be seen through his can-do attitude. He is action-orientated and has an incredible sense of what a successful user interface should look like. On the weekends, you can catch Brandon on the field playing his beloved game of Rugby.
Sergey Kargopolov
CTO/Mobile Apps Developer
Sergey has more than 12 years of web and software development experience. He is extremely keen on user interface designs and likes building applications for mobile devices. He leads the entire app and website development lifecycle right from the conceptualization stage until the launch and post-launch support with an interest in building applications that run across different mobile platforms. Sergey is the go-to guy for business solutions because of his proven solid work ethic in architecting, designing, developing and testing applications and websites for mobile devices. When Sergey is not immersing himself in the art of mobile development he is immersing himself in the art of Karate at the local dojo.
Galya Westler
Product & Ideation  
Galya specializes in the ideation phase of bringing client’s dreams into prototyping and strategy, mockups and wireframing. She is also a Software Engineer and has experience leading projects in the web & mobile space, creating social friendly apps, B2B applications and eCommerce solutions, implementing strategies to convert online users to consumers and finding creative ways to monetize product ideas. Galya is active in the Entrepreneurs’ community in Vancouver and a member of the Entrepreneurs Toastmasters club, delivering many presentations about technology and social causes at her club and different business functions in North America.
Mbuso Radebe
Game Designer
Mbuso graduated from the Vancouver Film School with a diploma in Game Design. He worked at award-winning game developer Relic Entertainment producing blockbuster computer and video games. He has also gained experience designing iOS and Android games. As our resident "Game Guru" he is our go-to guy for conceptualizing and designing games. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his family.
Sherwin Espela
Mobile Apps Developer
Sherwin has more than a decade experience in 3D Media Arts, Graphic Design and Industrial Design. He had worked with one of Disney's CG Animation Studio, TV Broadcast networks and several Visual Effects companies. Sherwin had a rare opportunity to be trained by CNN Artists on using their specialized graphics technology. He had taken Applied Software Development (ASD) program at British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), with a proven record on developing games for iOS devices. Having both skills in the field of Media Arts and Software Development, Sherwin is a "force to be reckoned with" when it comes to Mobile Applications creation.
Patrick Park
Mobile Apps Developer
Patrick graduated from the BCIT CST diploma program and is our intern Android Developer. Patrick's previous hands-on project experience with developing Android Apps for mobile and his Web development Java experience has already enabled him to capably implement and test even the more complex Android Apps for a variety of different Android devices. His personal goal a member of the Earthlandia Team is to continue his passion of endless learning of new technologies and gaining as much experience as possible through working with the wide variety of projects that come into Earthlandia. Patrick is also an active person. During his spare time, he likes to work out, play tennis, and swim.

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